Want to bring your QC ratio up 20 percentage points or more? Less than 10 minutes upfront can help get your loans QC passed with minimal rework.

  1. Ensure all documents are signed/dated/notarized from the settlement company.
  2. Activate and transfer MI certificate to MMS.
  3. Double check that the final loan application is signed properly.
  4. Ensure a copy of the corporate assignment is signed and notarized in the file.
  5. Upload the verbals to the VLF.
  6. Confirm the tax returns have live signatures and are placed in the file.
  7. Document when and what method of delivery was used for the loan estimate and closing disclosures on the timing and delivery screens on the loan summary in Mortgage Cadence or your LOS system.
  8. Ensure you are delivering to MMS the full package by rate lock expiration or within 10 days of closing – whichever comes first. If the rate is expired, please work with the pricing department to extend.
  9. Double check the entire file to ensure it is complete before sending to QC.