Home Borrowers

It pays to get your loan from a Credit Union

Nonprofit Model Means More Savings for Members

Unlike banks, Credit Unions are nonprofit. Because of this, Credit Unions put the money they make back into their institution to be able to best serve their home borrowers and members—one way they do this is by offering great mortgage rates.

  • Flexible Qualification Requirements – Part of the Credit Union philosophy is putting members first. Credit Unions will do anything within the realm of possibility to help their members access the mortgage market. For instance, when home borrowers apply for a mortgage loan at a Credit Union, the credit score and down payment requirements are typically lower than at big banks. Additionally, Credit Union members may be able to enjoy a higher debt-to-income ratio requirement, making it easier for them to be approved for a larger loan.

  • Customer Relationships are First – Mortgage loans are often sold by banks to different lenders to make more profits, but because the main goal of Credit Unions is to best serve its members, Credit Unions have partnered with MMS to service their loans for the life of the loan. Your mortgage won’t bounce from servicer to servicer. It will stay with MMS so you always know where to send monthly payments, which helps home borrowers avoid potential late fees or even escrow issues.

From lower loan rates to lower fees, when home borrowers get a mortgage loan through a Credit Union, you’ll likely enjoy more savings.

  • Very happy with closing (refinance) on my house! We had no issues and everything went smooth. I saved a lot of money in fees. I would recommend to friends and family.

    Marshall S.

  • I refinanced my home with MMS through Credit Union of America about 7 years ago. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their website has all the information I need to take care of my mortgage. When I have needed to called for help, the staff was friendly and knew their stuff. I love having my home loan at MMS.

    Candace T.

  • I could not be happier with your service. Everyone has been professional, friendly and helpful. As a first-time homebuyer, you have made the process much easier. Thank you!

    Credit Union Member and First-time Homebuyer

  • I have been very pleased with Members Mortgage Services. This team is goes out of THEIR way to pleasantly help you. Midwest Hospitality.

    Mary F.