Door-to-door scams have increased over the past months as more people are at home throughout the day. Recently we were made aware of a scam where the knocker said they were with the mortgage servicing company and that they were hired to inspect the inside of the home. Keep scammers out of your home!

Members Mortgage Services will never request an inside inspection. If you are in a delinquent situation, a third-party representative may come to your home to take exterior photos. Typically, they take the photos and leave without making you aware of their presence. However, occasionally they may knock on your door. If they do, they will identify with MMS and let you know they are taking exterior only photos. They will not request interior access.

In addition, MMS (or any other legitimate mortgage servicer) will never come to your door asking you to discuss your mortgage or loan options related to COVID.

If you find yourself questioning the legitimacy of an interaction, please reach out to the MMS servicing team via phone at 866.441.4447 before providing any information or access to a stranger.