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Mortgages comprised 36.3% of total loan originations in the first quarter 2020 at U.S. Credit Unions. Still, Credit Unions only accounted for 9% of the total mortgage market share and many existing Credit Union members chose to get their financing from another institution.1

We believe your Credit Union should be your members first choice when getting a mortgage. With the right partner, offering a competitive mortgage product is easier than you think and can help your members while increasing your portfolio.

1 Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Our partnership levels are as flexible as you need them to be.


This partnership level is the gold standard that allows you to be the face of the mortgage process while MMS handles the back end. As an MMS affiliate partner, your Credit Union is the main point of contact for your member, originating the loan and collecting credit documentation. Your member completes their application online or with help from you through an MMS supplied, Credit Union branded loan origination system (LOS).

Affiliate partners can choose to process their loans at the Credit Union or send them to MMS for processing. MMS underwrites the loan, handles the closing docs and services the closed loans. Affiliate partners have the flexibility to retain servicing on your portfolio loans or sub-service to MMS. Affiliate partners can also choose to broker government loans through the broker channel.


As an MMS correspondent partner, your Credit Union originates, processes, closes and funds your loans. Members Mortgage Services purchases closed loans that were locked and registered with us.

Correspondent partners have two underwriting options:

  1. MMS can underwrite your loans.
  2. If you have an underwriter on staff, we can purchase loans under our delegated feature.

Mortgage Mortgage Services sells to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. All loans sold to MMS are serviced by MMS and, as an added feature, we co-brand all statements with your Credit Union logo. We also offer your Credit Union the ability to take payments at your branches.

MMS correspondent partners can broker their government loans through the MMS broker channel.


As an MMS partner, your Credit Union can offer government loan products such as FHA, VA and USDA loans to your members. Your staff originates loans through our loan origination system and gathers loan information as needed. MMS then processes, underwrites and completes the closing docs. All loans are closed and funded in MMS’s name.

Government lending is available to affiliate and correspondent partners or if you just need a government outlet, we provide this service to Credit Union’s as well.


As your Credit Union mortgage portfolio grows, so do the servicing challenges. By partnering with MMS, a Credit Union owned servicing partner, to service your portfolio loans and/or your agency loans, you can focus on managing the relationship with your members and growing your mortgage origination while we take care of the operational details and regulatory compliance issues. Choosing MMS can help lower your servicing costs, reduce risk and provide your members with dedicated mortgage servicing staff ready to help them with all their mortgage questions.

Here are some of the servicing tasks MMS provides to our Credit Union partners:

  1. Co-branded servicing to strengthen your relationship with your member.
  2. All loan administration functions.
  3. All investor reporting and reconciliation.
  4. Credit-bureau reporting.
  5. Delinquency and collections administration.
  6. Compliance with government regulations and secondary-market investor requirements.
  7. Electronic access to your member’s loan data (payments, escrows, etc.)
  8. Management reporting on portfolio status.

According to MBA’s Servicing Operations Study, experts estimate the average cost to service performing loans at $163 per loan per year, and up to an average $2,113 per loan per year on nonperforming loans.

While your costs may seem lower at first glance, they can quickly add up when you consider payroll, technology, statement production, quality control, compliance, collections, reporting, administration and statement production.

Choosing a reliable CUSO to sub-service your portfolio loans and/or agency loans can positively impact your bottom line and help you expand and enhance your overall mortgage lending program.

The MMS Advantage

  • Full list of mortgage options for your Credit Union to offer your customers

  • Various partnership levels to meet your Credit Union structure

  • Ability to offer instant approval and online disclosures

  • Fee income

  • Your Credit Union has control over time and involvement required

  • Top of line technology

  • No mortgage servicing hassles