The 15th Annual Partner Education and Annual Meeting has been moved to August 25, 2020 and August 26, 2020

We thought it was all fun and games so you can imagine our surprise when the Game On theme started showing real implications!

IT IS GAME ON IN THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY – pipelines are filling rapidly and the market is rushing to take advantage of record-low rates. We anticipate many of those closings in April and May.

THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY HAS PULLED A DO NOT PASS GO CARD – airlines, cruise ships and other travel venues are doing everything they can to minimize the spread of disease through travel.

THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY WANTS TO HIT THE RESTART BUTTON – everyday is a new day in managing a virus that is wreaking havoc internationally and now in the U.S.

With so much gameplay happening, we are taking a calculated approach and moving our event to dates we hope will prove winning for all our attendees.