Get Ready for Spring Homebuying with RateStar; Now Available on Mortgage Cadence LFC

Consumer confidence is skyrocketing and the spring home buying season is just around the corner. It’s a market made for Credit Unions – but how can you stand out from the competition?

Credit Unions already have an enviable reputation for putting their members first. By using Arch MI RateStar®, you can enhance that reputation, save your members money and receive more referrals from satisfied homebuyers.

MI is often a sensible mortgage finance choice for first-time buyers who are usually focused on costs. However, almost all MI companies price their premiums using rate sheets, static documents that rely on the traditional categories of credit score, loan-to-value ratio and coverage rather than a personalized risk profile of the member and the loan.

In contrast, RateStarSM is the industry’s only risk-based MI pricing solution – a fluid, dynamic approach that goes beyond rate sheets to evaluate a broader variety of attributes and generate a more precise match of risk to rate. It guarantees our most competitive rates for your member’s loan. The result is that eligible members can often save more on their monthly payments with an Arch MI premium plan priced by RateStar.

RateStar is available on Mortgage Cadence Loan Fulfillment Center (LFC) through Arch MI’s recent expanded integration with the loan origination system. It’s easy to use – just have your administrator set up access to Arch MI inside LFC and get your RateStar quote in seconds.

  • LFC instantly receives and stores your RateStar quote for future reference.
  • Use RateStar on LFC to compare Arch MI product rates and FHA side by side.
  • Member data is secure.
  • RateStar Promise guarantees Final Quotes for 90 days, protecting your pipeline.

“LFC users can now use RateStar without leaving their preferred platform, enhancing their business efficiencies and streamlining their processes,” said Will Vickers, Arch MI’s vice president of Industry Technology. “Being able to access RateStar seamlessly means instant access to the industry’s leading pricing tool and the resulting competitive advantages. Now Credit Unions can price MI coverage much more accurately and reward their members for good credit and a responsible financial history.”