Gaining Momentum: MMS Adds Tam Lively to Government Lending Team

Interest in government-backed loans continues to grow among our affiliates, and MMS recently added Credit Union mortgage veteran Tam Lively to the team. Tam joins originator Juli Priesser, processor Kayla Robinson, underwriter Kim Smith, and closer Amanda Springs, to fill out our team of government lending gurus. 

Juli says Tam is a high quality asset for the MMS government lending team. “Tam has a decade of front-line Credit Union mortgage experience, is hardworking and a stickler for details. She is committed to equipping our partners with knowledge to successfully offer government loans to members.”

Not all borrowers fit in the conventional loan box. For some, government-backed loans provide a mortgage opening otherwise unattainable. But the nuances of FHA, VA and USDA Rural Development loans can seem daunting to mortgage lenders who are wearing multiple hats. 

Tam has been there and understands it often appears easier to send members to the broker down the street then to learn the intricacies of government lending. Now she is on a mission to tell all Credit Union mortgage lenders how easy it is to make FHA, VA and USDA loans accessible to members. “Let me share a little secret – you don’t have to know a lot about government loans to refer to MMS,” says Tam. “In fact, it can be more beneficial, and just as easy, to send your members to MMS then to an outside broker because you can stay as involved as you want. You strengthen and maintain your relationship and we take care of the mortgage process.”

For Credit Unions who prefer to grow their government-backed lending portfolio and receive compensation for those loans, it is possible to become a broker in just under a month with personalized training from the MMS government loan team. As a broker, your Credit Union will take applications and perform loan analysis and upfront processing to qualify the borrower under FHA guidelines. MMS will then underwrite and close the loan. 

For guidelines to see if your borrower qualifies for a government-backed loan visit, To refer FHA, VA and USDA loans to MMS or to learn more about becoming a broker, contact Juli Priesser at 866.441.4447 ext. 286 or Tam Lively at 866.441.4447 ext. 269.