Give your borrowers a leg up when they are putting a contract on a home through MMS Early Look.

In today’s competitive purchase market, MMS is dedicated to helping our Credit Unions deliver qualification certainty to borrowers, sellers and realtors. MMS Early Look does just that.

With Early Look, your loan officer submits all loan documentation – borrower credit, income and asset verification – upfront. The MMS underwriting team provides a written evaluation of creditworthiness and initial conditions. Once eligibility is determined, only the appraisal, title work and other property documentation are needed for final underwriting. Greater loan certainty gives borrowers absolute confidence they can afford what they’re offering and sellers see a quality, low-risk offer.

With Early Look, your Credit Union can:

  • Eliminate underwriting surprises.
  • Identify potential setbacks early in the loan process.

Early Look is a completely free service and available for use today.