If you are suffering a financial hardship due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus, MMS is here to explain your loan payment options. A special accounts team member can guide you through options like payment forbearance or repayment plans. Please visit our mortgage assistance FAQ, or request a meeting and we will email you within two business days to schedule a time that works best for you.

What We Do


Using our efficient technology, our team of dedicated and tenured mortgage processing associates will help you build pristine, paperless mortgage files.  This helps ensure all things are a-go for your member’s effortless journey to home ownership.


We help your member in just the way they’ve come to expect in their relationship with your Credit Union. We keep your name in front of your member each month with a co-branded monthly mortgage statement and we commit to preserving your member relationships.


We are committed to helping you be the dominant mortgage provider in your community.  We provide the secondary market products your members are looking for.  We purchase your loans, providing great fee income, while preserving liquidity on your balance sheet.

Who We Are

We are a collaborative, strategic alliance for Credit Unions committed to serving their membership and communities with competitive mortgage solutions. Through a partnership with us, our members have not only strengthened their mortgage lending capabilities, but they have built even greater member loyalty. We only serve Credit Unions, so we know how important it is to protect the member relationship. For this reason, we provide a Credit Union friendly servicing environment with NO cross-selling your members.

That’s Our Promise!

Let’s Connect

Jim Dunleavy and Wendy Lovett partner with Credit Union executives to design competitive mortgage programs that strengthen member loyalty and the Credit Union’s financial position. They work side-by-side with originators, processors and executives to ensure Credit Unions are offering a mortgage solution that advances the interest of the Credit Union and its members. Together, let’s explore ways to get a Credit Union mortgage into the hands of your members.

Jim Dunleavy, Director of National Sales

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Wendy Lovett

Wendy Lovett, Partner Lending Account Executive

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