The new layout makes it simple and easy to access your mortgage information at-a-glance.

  • Access your mortgage information

  • Manage your mortgage payments

  • Enroll in autopay

  • Enroll in e-statements

  • See your loan balance

Preparing for the Move to Digital Servicing

Create a new user account in the Digital Servicing system. You will need the following pieces of information to set up your new account:

  • Social Security Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Property Zip Code

Digital Servicing FAQ’s

After you create a new user account in the Digital Servicing system, all of your information will transfer automatically. You should not need to re-enter payment instructions or account information. If you have are missing information or experiencing problems, contact our servicing team at or 866.441.4447.

Go to “Payment” in the Navigation section of the dashboard. In the “Make a Payment” section, enter the desired information and turn “Autopay On” to set-up your monthly automatic payments.

Go to “Account Management” on the Banner. Select “Document Center.” On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a section called, “Delivery Preferences.” You have the option to select “Mail” for paper statements or “Paperless Statements” to receive them electronically via email. There is no fee to receive your monthly statements electronically.

Your online statements are accessible for two years.

You will be prompted to change your password every 180 days.

Possibly. Go to the “Payment” tile on your dashboard. In the “Loan Payoff” section, select “View Payoff Quote.” You will have the option to generate a payoff quote. You will be asked to provide a target date for payoff and a reason you are paying off. You will have the option to download a PDF of the payoff quote.

In certain circumstances, you may need to speak with a servicing team member to obtain a payoff quote. When necessary, the website will display a notification with contact information.

Go to the “My Loan” Content Tile. In the “Loan Information” section you may edit your mailing address, email, and phone number.

When you login to your account, there is a dropdown menu on Banner in the upper right-hand corner which, when selected, will display your loans. You can use the dropdown menu to select the loan you’d like to view and manage, or add a loan that is not listed but is serviced by Members Mortgage Services.

Use the “Forgot Username” and/or the “Forgot Password” link found at the bottom of the log-in box.

If you are doing a One-Time Payment, you can set up an additional bank account in the “Payment Methods” section prior to scheduling your One-Time Payment.

If you scheduled your one-time payment, you may cancel it by going to the “Payment” Content Tile and in the “Scheduled Payments” section, select the payment you wish to cancel. This will present you with a message asking to confirm you’d like to cancel your one-time payment.

If you schedule an extra loan payment, the money will be applied to the principal of the loan.

If you have an escrow account on your loan, you can view your property tax and insurance payment information by going to “My Loan” in the Navigation section of the dashboard. In the “Taxes and Insurance” section you will be given the option to “Show All” transactions, show “Upcoming” transactions, “Year-to-Date” transactions, and transactions from the prior year.

For general questions and information between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST, Monday – Friday, you can reach our Mortgage Loan Servicing Department at 620.665.7713 or 866.441.4447, or via email at